Methodologies for Leadership Development

Jubelirer Results Group is dedicated to providing the best training and mentorship to develop business and organizational leaders. Leadership happens at all levels, and within every company size – it is not just for top executives in large companies. Jim uses a variety of assessment tools and provides a number of different training programs, workshops, and online resources.

Six Domains Leadership Model

Jim is affiliated with Delta Leadership.  The “Six Domains” model is the foundational element of Delta Leadership. The model is drawn from scientific research in social psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, and organizational behavior. Data on the Six Domains has been collected from over four thousand survey participants and analyzed since the model was introduced, providing additional grounding in rigorous behavioral science research.

The Six Domains Leadership Model offers an effective way to spread a common understanding of leadership throughout your company. Using the model, employees at different levels come to understand where growth opportunities lie, and are provided with concrete tools to address them.

Customized leadership programs can be built for your company, ranging from half-day to five-day programs, depending on desired curriculum and outcomes. Jim Jubelirer is a Six Domains-certified coach and is available for time-limited debriefs or continuing coaching, using the Six Domains model as a jumping off point and continuing in whatever direction you wish.

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