What Jim’s Clients Have to Say

“I am the CEO of Bronto Software, a 150-person marketing software company based in Durham, NC. Jim Jubelirer led our first-ever annual retreat for our management team. As the business has become more complex and involved, we needed this retreat to take our leadership team out of the day-to-day minutiae of running a business and into focusing on the larger issues that we’re going to affect our business next year and beyond. Jim did a great job guiding us through the process and giving us different frameworks for setting our strategy for continued high growth. His style was well appreciated and very effective in working the talented and diverse members of the management team.” Joe Colopy CEO, Bronto Software
“I am the CEO of a group of companies with about $7.5 million in annual revenues. We came to Jim with our organization at a crossroads and we were uncertain about the next step. In four short months, and at a very low cost considering the gains, Jim has helped us with nothing less than a master blueprint which will, I am confident, provide us with the roadmap we will need to break through to the next level. We grew the revenues of our core businesses by $1 Million dollars in 2011, and we added twenty jobs to our payroll. As we all know, managing growth is complicated and tricky — Jim’s hands-on advice and assistance continues to be vital in our efforts to grow steadily and safely in this challenging marketplace. During this process, Jim has been a combination of Socrates, Carnegie and Master Yoda! He has helped us with organizational charts, business goals and has even mediated disputes between high-ranking managers with different ideas about how to reach our goals. As if that weren’t enough, Jim has also helped each individual in our management team define his/her own personal vision of the bountiful life and helped illuminate how we might attain this elusive chimera known as “happiness”. I can’t recommend Jim’s services highly enough.” Stanley Monroe, Esq. Executive Director, Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare
“Jim Jubelirer serves as a coach for a class I teach in the Fuqua School’s Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) program. This program is a comprehensive immersion for mid-senior executives held in various locations around the world. This year, Jim’s coachees were in Korea, India, and the US. A core element of the program requires each student to complete a 360 survey process, where they rate themselves and also get rated by direct reports, peers, and supervisors. The GEMBA students then work with their coach to create a Personal Development Plan (PDP) in order to grow as leaders. This year’s PDPs were wonderful! I ascribe this in large part to the efforts of our coaches such as Jim. I am seeing a remarkable level of critical self-analysis and intelligent use of the concepts in our leadership model. In many cases the students themselves give credit to their coaches for insights, but even where they don’t, I can see lots of evidence of hard, intelligent coaching. This improvement in the PDPs is evident across the board, but it is most remarkable when I look at the PDPs of the foreign students. I know that coaching someone from Korea or India is difficult, but wow what a difference our coaches have made for these students!” Allan Lind James L. Vincent Professor of Leadership Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business
“Since starting my business two years ago, Jim has been an invaluable resource for me both professionally and personally. He has been instrumental in helping me to focus, prioritize, set goals, and has become a trusted advisor, mentor, and friend along the way. I met Jim just as I was getting underway with the business, and there is no doubt that his guidance was instrumental in giving me the confidence needed to scale the business as we have. We have just concluded our second year, which was extremely successful from a revenue, profit, and growth perspective. We have grown our team to 5 people, and have expanding internationally, and have refined our processes. Jim has great insight on the big picture strategic goal setting while at the same time, he has relentless attention to execution, is a great combination in a coach. He has helped us with process, pricing, messaging, marketing, people issues and all elements of building a successful business. If you are looking for a coach who truly cares about your success, you can’t go wrong hiring Jim. I highly recommend him.” Bill Goodwin Goodwin Search
“I started my business 2 years ago when I decided to leave a very comfortable 25-year career in large automotive manufacturing corporations. I knew nothing but success during those 25 years but my career had run its course. I have now owned and operated my own business for 2 years and it has gone well. However, I had not foreseen the complexities of running a business and taking it from zero to relatively successful to a new, unexpected level of success. Jim has helped me envision where my business can go (the sky is the limit!) and the steps it will take to get there. Starting and running a business is stressful and scary. Especially in this economy. Jim has given me tools to apply to growing my business, and just as importantly, tools to apply to my personal life in balancing the business needs with my family life. I truly admire Jim for his personal touch in helping me drive my business to a level that I could not have otherwise imagined.” Todd Palmer Owner, Always Best Care Senior Services
“I own Sustainable Life Media, the leading media and event company focusing on sustainability. Jim has served on the Advisory Board for Sustainable Brands, the leading conference event for sustainability professionals; he has presented at the conference itself and to a select invitation-only member event. I can’t recommend Jim highly enough. His presentations have been informative and engaging. He has always been a consummate professional. Jim Jubelirer is a thought leader, motivator and an inspiration.” KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz Founder/President, Sustainable Life Media
Having Jim Jubelirer as a coach has allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in a “safe” environment without judgment. He has provided me with tools to look at situations more objectively and less emotionally. Often times, executives don’t take the time for professional development such as coaching because we are too “busy” running our organizations. I am much more proactive and effective now. Jim’s confirmation and validation of my work and actions have been empowering and exciting for me. It is truly more valuable to have an “outsider looking in” to bring a level of objectivity, which is what Jim provides.” Barbara Jessie-Black Executive Director, PTA Thrift Shop, Inc.
“Jim is a natural thought leader. There are people who call themselves that but do nothing to influence individuals or situation but Jim is the real thing. I met Jim during our work together at Sustainable North Carolina. He facilitated dialogue in conferences, small circles, and a professional job seekers group. His astute analysis of business models, way with words, and willingness to take risks for positive change made him an easy confidante to many people, including me. My career, family and community endeavors have received the benefits of Jim’s coaching.” Cyndy Yu Robinson URS Corporation
“I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on several projects ranging from best practices in small business sustainability on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund to supporting projects at WalMart. I was immediately impressed at his ability to assess where my company was underutilizing resources and not fully maximizing our potential on high profile projects…and this was before he ever stepped foot through our doors. He is a master of active listening and does a spectacular job of coming up with efficiency savings at a very reasonable investment from our end. I would highly recommend his services and would be available to speak to his abilities as a raving fan and satisfied client.” Bill Akins Genofish
“I first met Jim while attending a Customer Satisfaction Conference he was presenting in the late 1990’s. Not only was Jim obviously knowledgeable of the content, presenting an excellent conference, but he was also extremely personable. As a result, a few years later when the company where I was working wanted to embark on a Global Loyalty Program, but had no idea where to begin, I thought of Jim and contacted him. Jim did an excellent job in guiding our organization to develop a “Best In Class” global process which won industry awards and produced measurable results for my company. It was not an easy task given the complexity of our organization. Jim’s coaching throughout the process helped our program, and me, succeed! Jim and I still maintain our relationship. I always leave my phone calls with him with a renewed enthusiasm. Jim is an excellent coach and mentor.” April Umlauf Air Products and Chemicals
“Jim Jubelirer is very smart, highly motivated, and a great spokesperson. In addition to his considerable knowledge of the business world, Jim brings a great deal of enthusiasm and thought regarding new value-add concepts and approaches. Moreover, he demonstrates a great capacity to work both as a collegial team member and to solo when needed.” Jim Heisler Harris Interactive