Poor hiring decisions are costing more than you realize…

You suck at hiring, and it’s costing you more than you realize. How do I know?

70% of the American workforce is disengaged. Companies may invest millions of dollars in sophisticated information systems, yet don’t apply that same degree of sophistication in creating a work culture that breeds engagement.

Creating a high-performance culture begins with hiring “A-Players.”  A-Players are the top 10% of performers in your labor market for the pay you are offering. Unfortunately, most companies only successfully hire these top performers 25% of the time. Most of the time, they’re hiring B-Players and C-Players. What ends up happening?

Bad hiring decisions have a huge impact on teams, time, and resources. Most managers spend so much time remedying the mistakes made by their C-Players that they don’t have the time to develop their B-Players into A-Players. When you introduce C-Players to their next opportunity (usually outside the organization) and hire only A-Players, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Get better team results with less time and effort

The “A-Player System” helps companies create a high-performing workplace culture by starting with the root of it all – hiring the right people. It consists of three parts: strategic planning and project management services from Jubelirer Results Group coupled with the Hireology software platform.

  1. Strategic Workforce Consulting

    In the strategic workforce consulting sessions, Jim performs a talent assessment on the current workforce, reviews the company’s current and desired HR practices, reveals key weaknesses in the company’s current hiring process, and works with the company to design a new hiring process, complete with assigning key roles to both management and administrative employees.

  2. Project Management

    Jubelirer Results Group’s dedicated project manager works closely with clients to make sure they’re implementing the A-Player System’s best practices throughout the entire hiring process. From creating the job description to hiring your A-Player, we help clients:

    – Create a job description that resonates
    – Design the job application
    – Target specific geographic areas for their job post
    – Post their job for maximum exposure
    – Design a custom hiring process
    – Write effective interview questions
    – Quickly determine who to advance through the interview stages
    – Administer background checks, skills tests, and personality assessments
    – Make final hiring decisions

  3. Hiring software and talent acquisition technology

    We partner with Hireology, a professional hiring software that consistently wins awards for being the best talent management software solution, to bring you the best in talent acquisition technology. Hireology combines human and artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive platform that makes the hiring process better, easier, and more productive. Hireology’s platform allows us to deliver consistent and repeatable hiring decisions, leading to a lower turnover rate and increased profitability. We set up your custom Hireology platform and teach your team everything they need to know to manage it in 3 one-hour training sessions.

 Jim explains why businesses suck at hiring:

Jim explains how to conduct an interview to ensure you are hiring a good employee and not just a good interviewer:

A Proven System

The A-Player System has successfully helped many high-growth companies hire their dream employees! Companies who are successfully implementing the A-Player System include:

    • AndiSites Inc.Read the Case Study
      “Hireology paired with Jubelirer Results Group’s guidance is a winning combination that helped me make the right hiring decision for my company. We got exactly the right person and I couldn’t be happier.” – Andrea Ferguson, AndiSites President
    • Jim JubelirerRead the Case Study
      “As I always tell my clients: Plan your work. Work your plan. Trust the process. The A-Player System helps us plan better, have a better process to follow, and when you trust the process, you will get a much, much better outcome.” – Jim Jubelirer
    • Pleasant Green GrassRead the Case Study
      “The A-Player System is a game-changer. It is something I know I can turn to and get results from. With Jim’s strategic guidance and the power of Hireology, I know I am going to find who I am looking for. I’m able to make confident hires and focus on growing my business.” – Scott Walker, Founder and CEO


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